Jimmy Jones Quality HVAC Service and Repair - Quality Service at Affordable Prices
Service calls $49.00
Purchase a 1 year Service Contract which includes:
Clearing drain. Check capacitors. Check gas pressures, burners, valves. Check Freon. Check contactors. Check heat exchanger. Check indoor coil. Amp draw on components. Perform carbon monoxide Test (Gas Only). Check outdoor coil. Ductwork (evaluation). Flue pipe inspections only. Check electrical connect. Check thermostat. Check heater elements (Heat Pump Only)
2 annual trips = 1 spring (cool) and 1 fall (heat)
No service charge
5% off filter or duct upgrades
10% off Parts
5% off U.V. lights & humidifiers
10% off Replacements
5% off Zone Control systems
24 hour Service – 7 days/wk
5% off duct cleanings
We all know equipment that is maintained annually lasts longer, operates more efficiently and saves large repair bills.  Most equipment has only 5 year part warranties, so without a service contract, you are paying service charges, parts and labor. 
Contracts  starting at $129/yr for the first system with additional systems $89.00.
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